Saturday, 20 October 2012

Introduce myself to DeafRead

Hello DeafRead,

 I am sundumbell, it is my first time to do a blog here, I would like to learn to use it. About me, I am deaf and from Utah.   I live in Europe now and have traveled to thirteen countries in two and half years. I love it and I like to share my experience with everyone.

I would like to discuss about fitness, my travels, outdoors, histories, my view, politics, and etc.  First, I would like to share my views on politics. You know we have a election on Nov 6th,  so I would like to make a blog this week about it.

Hope everyone is welcome  here.  I want to test it , and then go through to DeafRead. I have been a DVTV( viewer for many years. I will like to join and leave comments  soon.  This way,  you can see my face and get to know more about me. .. Thanks sundumbell